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Anonymous said: You're a really cool girl and that anon better not be getting you down! Love ya cutie

you’re a sweetheart who ever you are thanks for dropping by and sending sum luv to a sista

Anonymous said: Your from Argentina so you think you're the shit cause you're european but you actually just suck

first of all, ARGENTINA IS IN SOUTH AMERICA I can understand why you would think this but our European culture/roots/influence/etc doesn’t make us necessarily European

I’ve had to explain this and had to argue so much about this most of my life but I still don’t think it makes us European!!?!??

Anonymous said: Ya you are a slut just like your slutty friends haha

can you tell me why you think that we are “slutty” not that it really matters because you already sound like you have a poor relationship with intellectuality and yourself but I’m sickly very curious

Anonymous said: Are you still dating that kid caleb

I don’t remember us ever dating

Anonymous said: No one even cares about your personal posts anymore hahaah

I’ve had this account since 2010 and I don’t think anyone’s ever cared about my personal posts and I hope no one has and if they do then maybe they feel the same way or like it and that’s cool idk but I do this for me me me me me me me me me me me


David Byrne & Brian Eno
"Let’s draw each other"

I don’t know

Wow Hannah wow wwoooowwwww